ROI Prototype App

Marketing Evolution is a firm that measures the return on investment for clients who use multiple marketing options (e.g., broadcast, social media, and print) so they can select the most effective portfolio of options. I was responsible for programming a prototype Apple Watch app to push personalized, geographic-specific information regarding sudden changes in the marketing environment or user engagement so that clients can consider alternative marketing options. The app interfaced with the company's servers and endpoints to deliver real-time, user-specific data. I developed the app in 2015 using the brand new Swift coding language. It was later developed into a beta version, but development of the app stopped after 2018.

I learned about cutting-edge technology, how it can be used for decision support and influence deployment of limited resources, and concepts that can be used in other venues (e.g., health) to encourage changes in personal behavior. I also learned about the software development process, including storyboarding and how to balance learning of a new coding language against project goals and deadlines.