Earth Observing Dashboard Hackathon
(Simple Animation Team)

The Earth Observing Dashboard Hackathon was a jointly hosted hackathon by NASA, ESA, and JAXA with the goal of encouraging the development of new tools and research methods for their Earth Observing Dashbaord. Specifically, these agencies were interested in the ways COVID-19 impacted travel patterns and the environment.

I worked with a team of other students on a project that created an animation engine for water quality imagery and generated a brief report on water quality changes at Port Nagoya, Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic. We learned how to access data from the EO Dashboard and the ESA Sentinel satellites and how to generate time-lapse imagery from these data, and created a powerpoint and brief report to summarize our findings. Our team earned an honorable mention, placing us in the top 13 of 233 submissions.